What is SALES REP Program?


The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Republic of Korea is a non-profit government agency affiliated to the Ministry of Science and ICT in which is responsible for providing support to IT enterprises and professionals. Korea IT Cooperation Center (KICC), in Singapore, which opened on July 11, 2014, serves as National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA)’s strategic hub for boosting vigorous business opportunities between South Korea and ASEAN countries in the ICT industry.


Collaboration and Innovation do not happen accidentally, it has to be nurtured and driven in the right ecosystem. Just as every forward-looking organization would take a pragmatic and structured approach to identify and support Collaboration and Innovation. 


Korean ICT Companies need to work closely together with relevant partners to enhance their competitiveness in the respective markets and regions that is typically dominated by large international companies with vertically integrated product solutions.


In this program, there are opportunities to work alongside with Korean ICT Companies from South Korea, providing opportunities for technology exchanges and allow both vendors and its channel partners to jointly reach the next level of revenue growth. 

We are recruiting IT SMEs who are willing to go into partnership with Korean SMEs and get funded up to SGD13,000!


KICC initiated a partnership program across 2 terms of 9 months each, and the sales representative program to request proposals from qualified Sales Representatives to support Korean ICT SMEs to increase their market shares and sales revenue in the ASEAN market.

Business Proposal Requirements (Required documents to submit)

1. Provide a brief description of your organization and business profile
 (e.g. Corporate Background, Product & Services and Recent Achievements)

2. Provide examples of relevant experiences, track records and successful case studies

1. Provide and explain how does your organization value-add to this consortium and to achieve sales targets * Select one 1 Korean ICT SME (Vendor) with 1 Sales rep. (Reseller) to form per one consortium.

2. Provide the signed MOUs, LOIs, contract samples or any copies of evidential contractual documents between the sales rep (Reseller)  and Korean SME (Vendor)

3. Provide min. 2 professionals in your organization: 1 marketing/sales expert and 1 technical consultant/ presales (Please provide their CVs for all proposed professionals).

4. Provide a detailed business proposal, especially in market analysis, promotion and marketing & sales strategies with the intention of achieving the sales targets or outcome (which will be required, discussed and approved by Vendors, Resellers and KICC) i.e. Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, or Approved Proof of Concepts up to SGD XXXX). The followings must be included in the proposed plan:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : 20th March 2020, SGT 18:00hrs

Project Period & Support Funding

Project Period 
1 April 2020 ~ 1 December 2020 (1st Term - 9 Months)
1 January 2021 ~ 1 September 2021 (2nd Term - 9 Months)
Support Funds 
Range from SGD 8,000 onwards-Depending on the final number of consortiums selected 
1 Consortium
Consist of one (1) Korean Vendors to one (1) Local Reseller 
Each Reseller can select and apply up to 3 consortiums (Final Selection based on 1st Evaluation)

Timeline & Schedule


1 Feb – 20 Mar 2020

RFP Solicitation Process for Resellers

2 & 6 Mar 2020

RFP Briefing @ KICC or Online

1 Mar – 20 Mar 2020

Submission of Business Proposal & signed MoUs

23 Mar – 27 Mar 2020

1st Evaluation & Announcement of Selected consortium

18 May 2020

Submission of KICC agreement and agreed KPIs

 RFP Briefing 

Briefing session for RFP will be held on

(1) 2 March 2020 (Monday) at SGT 14:00hrs

(2) 6 March 2020 (Friday) at SGT 14:00hrs 

at the respective venues or Online via Zoom

To find out more about the program, join us in our briefing. 


When: 2 March or 6 March 2020 at 2pm to 4pm

Where: KICC OFFICE @ 8 Shenton Way, #04-01, AXA Tower Singapore 068811

Selection and Notification

Notification will be sent to the shortlisted Sales Representative in writing via email.

Submission Deadline

Prospective vendors may submit electronically by email. Timeline for submission of business proposal is 

by 20 March 2020 (Monday), SGT 18:00hrs.

Proposals may be sent electronically to Mr. Calvin Siew, Program Manager and Ms. Lee Yvonne, Marketing Manager of KICC: siewcl@kicc.sg  and  yvonne.lee@kicc.sg


Mr.Calvin Siew

Program Manager


Ms. Lee Yvonne, 

Marketing Manager


A. 8 Shenton Way #04-01 AXA Tower Singapore 068811

T: +65 6221 7633 (English) 070 4099 8207 or +65 6221 7380 (Korean)

E: info@kicc.sg

Request For Proposals (RFP)